Why Shop Kaiapoi

Shop Kaiapoi is the promotional website shop and business listing for the businesses within the designated area of the river town Kaiapoi.

Kaiapoi is a historic town that offers a lot to both visitors and locals.

Just 15 minutes from Christchurch, this unique township provides both residents and day trippers many lifestyle and recreational experiences, within a short walking distance.

The Kaiapoi River that meanders through the centre of the township, keeps those with a water interest able to actively peruse their hobbies.

The fishing is great with salmon and white baiters easily spotted when the season opens, as anglers jostle for prime positon.

The centre of town is well serviced by a new library, skateboard park and modern playground for young children. Combined with red zone areas of land that now provide great walking and recreational opportunities to explore within park like setting.

This river town has a great selection of businesses that support the people who live in the region and day trippers who love the convenience of having a day away from Christchurch where parking is seldom an issue.

The beauty of Kaiapoi is that the businesses in the district don’t have to compete with big box retailers that threaten the variability of the independent business operators. Thus giving a unique opportunity for boutique, independent businesses to flourish and greatly enhance the diverse experience that the local community and day trippers experience. These independent business operators add to the vibrancy of shopping or diversity conducting business in the Kaiapoi Township

The Shop Kaiapoi website is dedicated to presenting these businesses as a one stop reference point for both locals and day trippers.