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Kaiapoi “the river town” provides a sense of place with its unique character, which is rooted in the journey of it citizens, local culture and natural environment. The river that flows through the town’s centre is used by the community and has made the township distinctive, offering diverse experiences for a variety of people whether they are residents or day visitors escaping Christchurch for some light relief.

Kaiapoi “the river town”, whose history of settlement dates from the 1700’s, is a community that has a history of solidarity through adversity and has had the ability to reinvent itself many times over the passing centuries.

Today the 21st century Kaiapoi Township still has the river flowing through it but more greenspace than most modern towns can only dream of or imagine in their district plans. It now has a large rural aspect due to many hectares being classed red zone, post the 4th of September 2010 earthquake that decimated the township.

These unique green spaces are now well-kept, large park like recreational areas, combined with easy river access to the Kaiapoi River, close proximately to both the Pines and Kairaki beaches and the mighty Waimakariri River, have put Kaiapoi in the unique position of being a day trippers paradise for both young and old, whilst having very easy access to a vibrant township, with modern amenities and its many community lead initiatives.

One rare feature of the Kaiapoi Township, is that it does not have the big box stores and by this very fact attracts and nurtures creative, independent entrepreneurs to develop business models that are sustainable and add value to the growth and dynamic feel of Kaiapoi.

A community grows where people see and believe in the opportunity, it is an attractive place to live, there is variety and vitality in all aspects of community life. Kaiapoi is a township where everything is in walking or cycling distance and the locals know each other.

The Kaiapoi Promotion Association is proud to be an initiator and community leader in the river towns progression forward and redevelopment post-earthquake for the betterment of all the Kaiapoi community stakeholders.

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